Your Monday Muse-The Beach Boys

Hello Friends and Followers! Wooohooo, y’all…the last two weeks have been crazy from dawn to dusk with end of school year activities and traveling to #BookExpo in NYC (which was it’s own exciting adventure!). Sleep was following me around wondering when I was going to pay it a visit. It eventually found me in a chair over the weekend, and my little one caught me curled up in a ball oblivious to all the noise around me.

I’m sure you’re busy this time of year too, right?!

Which means if you’re like me, you’re dreaming about sandy beaches and blue ocean waters and uninterrupted time reading your latest TBR title….right?!

Me too!

So, to keep it light and acknowledge said sandy summer dreams, enjoy this flashback tune from The Beach Boys on this first Monday in June and keep your sunshine dreams alive!

Anybody think I sound a bit like a radio disc jockey at this particular moment???

Nah, me neither! 😉

Lambie Love,