Your Monday Muse-Nichole Nordeman

So, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I don’t know about you, but I had some mixed feelings this year about this day. Here’s why.

I’m the daughter of a wonderful Mom, who has beat cancer twice with God’s help, who is the best grandmother to my little one, and who is the best friend I’m ever going to have. She lost her mom a few years ago, and Mother’s Day is a difficult day to remember my Nana, who’s not with us. I’m blessed by my Mom every day, and watching her teach my daughter how to plant flowers, bake cupcakes, and paint with abandon, I’m so thankful for her lasting legacy.

I’m a Mommy to an amazing little girl, so kind, yet fierce. I love her hugs and that she stills let me hold her in my lap. I love her ability to forgive so quickly. I’m so proud of her and all her passions. She has a beautiful spirit, a generous heart, an eye for small details, and a love for all the ladybugs and doodlebugs the backyard holds. She is my living legacy, and I pray that I’m leaving her a legacy that she can be proud of as she grows up.

I’m a stepmom to a young man learning about who he is and who God wants him to be. Being a blended family is not easy, and while many books have been written about it, there is no real map for avoiding the difficulties that can arise when there are multiple parties involved in raising a child. I pray that our young man increases in his musical gifts, finds joy in the Lord, strength to stand firm in what he knows to be right, and that as he grows up he will always know how much he is loved because his true legacy is in the love we have for him and in his growing relationship with Jesus.

I’m also the Mama of a lost little one, our peanut who is watching over us from Heaven. It’s been three years since we lost our sweet second baby, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel the hurt of that loss. It was such an unexpected result that made such a profound emotional impact. I hurt for the brother or sister that my little girl will never know. I ache for the infant I didn’t get to hold and wonder who they would have become. I fight tears often as I watch many of our extended family and friends welcome their newest little ones, not out of envy, but out of the what if and what could have been for our small family. I know one day I’ll meet him or her, at least I pray I do, and in the meantime I hope to create a legacy for my loved ones, and for this company, that will be a testament to the love of a God who understands my loss and pain just as He himself endured loss and pain.

I know that there are many wonderful reasons to celebrate on Mother’s Day just as I know that there are so many hard reasons for not wanting to celebrate. I pray that as you enter into this week, you are able to give thanks for the good, lean on your Heavenly Father for the difficult, and to love on those you have around you each and every day. I pray you find a way to be brave because we all have hard things we are walking through, not one of us exempt. Yet, when we count our blessings, whether prompted by a holiday or just in our every day prayers, we can know that our Father God loves us, understands our pain, and walks beside us as we build a legacy for our children and for all the lives we touch on our journey.

Happy belated Mothers’ Day!

Lambie Love,