Your Monday Muse-Mary Poppins

This week is a busy week…like, crazy busy as we prepare to travel to BEA, work with our new authors on their manuscripts and platforms, and continue the marketing plans for our debut picture book The Bubble Who Would Not POP! by Shelly Roark (Have you entered our contest yet? We’re picking TWO winners this Friday!)!

It’s also the week that schools let out across Texas, which means there will be plans for summer camps, swim lessons, cooking classes, AND reading contests to be sorted out.

It made today feel very long and very short at the same time.

Anyone else struggling to juggle their to do list?

We resorted to Disney show tunes to help us through the day! This was the one we were humming the most! We hope you love it as much as we do and that it’s a cheerful reminder that even the most mundane tasks can be accomplished with a happy heart (and some sugar!)!


Lambie Love,