February 2017 Reading List

Well, February blew in and blew out in a matter of 28 days, and I was only able to meet half my reading goal for the month. As I mentioned in my first reading post here, I’m challenging myself to read at least one non-fiction and one fiction book each month. If there are days leftover, then I can read whatever tickles my fancy from my TBR pile.

I read a variety of genres and age categories due to the nature of my business, so you’re going to see a variety of titles if you follow along with me, and while I may recommend a book (Christian or secular, childrens or adult) here, if it doesn’t fit your personal criteria or isn’t your cup of tea, it’s okay. We all have our own choices for what moves us, entertains us, or teaches us.

For February, I went with a popular book that released before the holidays and it was a very good way to spend the little bit of extra time I found in this really busy month. I received it as a Christmas present and it was a cozy read for me.

Non-Fiction: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines and Mark Dagostino

I live in Texas about an hour from Waco, where the Gaines live, film, and work. My husband and I have watched their home renovation show since it’s beginning, and we appreciate their style, their humor, their faith, and their commitment to family. Reading their story on the pages of their book left me feeling like I was walking alongside them as they grew together in their relationship, in their business, and in their dreams. For me, the biggest take away from their story is an admiration for how well Chip supports Joanna and vice versa; how no dream is ever left to wallow on a shelf unattended or unanswered. What a blessing to have that never-wavering love for another person, and for God, who figures prominently in their decisions and their marriage. I enjoyed reading each chapter and learning more about their journey. I definitely recommend this book to fans of the show as well as folks who’ve never seen the show.

March is going to be really busy, so I’m not sure what reading I’ll get done, but here’s hoping whatever it is, it’s a good read!