Your Monday Muse-Hillsong Young and Free

Good Morning. How are you today? Doing okay?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I wake up on a Monday, nothing feels good, tastes good, sounds good, or looks good. I feel lost and indecisive.

Breakfast? No Thank You

News on the TV? Please. No.

Clothes? I have nothing to wear.

It can be hard to get past this emotion, this outlook. It could be we need more sleep. It could be we had a fight with someone we love. It could be that your weekend just didn’t go the way you’d planned.

So, we move into our day sour like a lemon. We start digging deep into sore spots. We wonder about our purpose. We think God must have skipped out on the Mondays of our lives. We feel all alone. And, we dislike that feeling…we dislike those we’ve attached to these feelings…and we go through our day disliking everything and everyone in it.

This is for those of us hurting this week, crying out this week, searching and seeking this week. This is for those who feel lost, alone, angry, or sad.

Let’s start THIS week differently. Let’s begin Monday leaning on the ONE.

The ONE who made us. The ONE who loves us. The ONE who has a purpose and a plan for us. The ONE who never leaves us alone.

Don’t be sour. Don’t be dark. Don’t shrink back.

Be sweet. Be light. Be strong. Be courageous. Be YOU!

This is Your Monday Muse!

Have a Great Day Loves!

Lambie Love,