Giving Thanks: Veteran’s Day (Day #11)

Today, I am thankful for America, our current military men and women who protect our freedoms, and to all the Veterans who have sacrificed so much by traveling near and far to represent us in peace and in war.

Today, on Veteran’s Day, I am giving thanks for the many times that we have been under attack, and our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have taken up the weight of responding to those who would try to dismantle our country. I am thankful for their vigilance, their presence, and their years of service even in a time of peace. I am so grateful for their courage, their honor, and their zeal.

I am privileged to know several active and veteran military members. They are engineers, musicians, bankers, paramedics, and teachers. They have families that love them dearly. They are strong, agile, intelligent and unwavering in their integrity. They are my heroes.

I have written before that I love my country, believe in its foundation and its purpose on this planet. I believe in America, a land of many opportunities for hard workers, a country built on the freedom to live without dictation. Regardless of how poorly it is being managed by politicians and government entities, I believe in the reasons why the Founding Fathers created the Declaration of Independence. Our lives, our liberties, and our pursuits of happiness are inherent to who we are as human beings.

However, our Heavenly Father is the only God on which this great nation was built, and He alone is the only God in whom we should trust.

I give thanks each day that I can pray in America. I am blessed that I am free to marry who I want, to have as many children as God chooses to bless me with, and to live in a home that we can call our own. I am grateful for the food I can cook to feed my family, for the warm clothes to wear in the winter, and clean water to drink. I am thankful I have a car I can drive on paved roads, for the schools that I can choose from so that my child can receive an education, and a church where I can go to join others and worship God freely. Not all of these things are allowed or given freely in all of the countries around the world, but they are possible for me because I live in America. And, because of the many, many soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and special forces members who have given their time, their strength, and their lives in service to our country and its people.

I am giving thanks today for our Veterans. Thank You for defending our nation. Thank You for going above and beyond.

I am also giving thanks today for the United States of America. I am blessed to live in this Land of Liberty.

Thank you Lord for this country you have placed me in until you call me home.

Lambie Love,