Giving Thanks: Today (Day #25)

Are you thankful for right now? Are you living in the present as opposed to the past? Are you taking in the moment or waiting for the future to start living your life?

Be thankful for right now. Today.

Do you often find yourself missing out on the here and now in the rush to meet deadlines or in your battle for family time? Are you mired down by your wishes for a better tomorrow or regret from the past mistakes?

We are not promised tomorrow on this earth. We cannot predict the future nor can we make up for or relive the past.

Today is all we have.

I find it is so easy to think that if I plan out my tomorrows, it will be better than whatever has happened today. Also, I know when I am tired, stressed, or worried, it’s easy to think about the next day, next week, or even the next year being better. As parents, we often look at the calendar, and we assign events, activities, rehearsals, games, concerts, bible studies, and more to each and every day, and when something doesn’t work out or our lives get cluttered, we allow ourselves to believe that it’s okay, we have tomorrow.

But, we don’t. It’s not a guarantee.

And, if we aren’t planning for the future, sometimes it’s usually because we are beating ourselves up over yesterday…and the day before that. We didn’t say the right thing, wear the right thing, look the right way. We didn’t pick the most financially sound career path, didn’t introduce ourselves to the most influential people, didn’t sign up for the better trip. We get bogged down in the what ifs and the should haves and we forget about what God has called us to be today. Mom, Dad, husband, wife, friend, confidant, servant, worshiper, and more. While God’s love is unconditional and full of grace and mercy, He doesn’t promise us tomorrow, only today.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.” Matthew 6:34

We aren’t guaranteed a next time.

Today. Today is what we have. This day is the most important day. These minutes matter the most. Don’t wait for next time.

Tell the ones you love that they are loved right now. Give your time to the people that matter most in life immediately. Experience the moment as it is happening. Create time to be who you want to be in the present.

Yes, you can strive for a better job, search for a new car, plan for an important event, but don’t those things overwhelm your thoughts, your heart and your spirit. Have gratitude for who God made you to be and what He made you to do this day.

Give thanks for the present, the now. Today.

Lambie Love,