Giving Thanks: Provision (Day #17)

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

When my Nana was alive, she prayed about everything from losing her keys to remembering a piece of information to her health. She prayed, and every single time God provided. Through her example, I learned that even when it’s something small and insignificant to those around us, God will always provide. If we pray about it, if we seek Him, if we believe in His heart for us, His people, He will provide.

God’s desire is to bless us, to give us above and beyond what our thoughts can imagine. His provision could be money and finances, hope and healing, love and marriage, a home and transportation. His provision is both for needs as well as wants. His provision is for whatever it is you are willing to lay at his feet and to ask it of Him.

Growing up, I didn’t wear all name brand items and we didn’t drive the latest car model I started working at the age of sixteen, and have been working every since. In fact, last year was the first full year I didn’t have a full time work schedule. My parents worked hard to provide for our little family, to make sure we were well-fed, to ensure that we received a strong education, and that we were able to travel once a year to visit extended family.

But, I learned early in my life that God was our provision. It was God that provided our Christmas one year when my Dad was unemployed. It was God that kept me safe on the road when a car came flipping into my lane late one night on my drive back to college from home. It was God that provided the healing in my body and my heart after the hard loss of our second pregnancy. It was God that provided my husband with a new job before our savings ran out. It is always God that provides.

Whether its tangible items or intangible needs, God hears our cries, knows our desires, understands our fears, but when we lay them at His feet, He picks them up and answers us, carries us, and gives us what we need. Sometimes His answers don’t look at all like we hoped or envisioned, but He PROVIDES, and He has plans that are the very best for us.

I am giving thanks for God’s provision in my life, in my husband’s life, in my family life, and in all the life moments in between. It is because of God that I have had all the jobs I’ve had, that I met and married my husband, that our Baby Girl was born healthy and well after over 24 hours of labor. It is because of my Heavenly Father that I have love, compassion, discernment, strength, ambition, and so much more. It is because of Jesus that grace, love, and mercy rain down on us from the heart of God.

I am thankful for God’s provision. If you are in need financially, if you are hurting emotionally, if you feel lost and alone and just want to be embraced by a pure and unending love, pray to your Heavenly Father. Lay your dreams, wishes, desires, wants, needs on Him and watch as He provides in ways you never thought possible.

Lambie Love,