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Giving Thanks: Parents (Day #24)

For Day #24, I am giving thanks for my parents.

My parents are the best. No, I mean it. The Best.

Both of my parents were raised during a time when there were no cell phones or computers, church services met three times a week, and Disney World hadn’t been built yet. They both lived in the northeast, but met working at NASA in Orlando, Florida. They will be celebrating 50 years together in July!

My Dad has a love for restoring old hot rods, playing his trumpet, and socializing with family and friends whenever time permits. My Mom loves reading historical fiction, completing arts and crafts projects, and traveling to the beach at least once a year. The two of them together taught me to believe in a Living God, love my family, and live as a strong, independent woman who is compassionate, loyal, and educated.

Both of my parents left their families to move to Texas when I was a baby. They took a leap of faith, and made a life for themselves away from their parents, siblings, and friends. They raised two children in a 1600 square foot home. We went to a private, christian school until high school. We attended church each Sunday and Wednesday. We visited family during the summer and either Thanksgiving or Christmas. As I’ve mentioned before, we weren’t wealthy in terms of income, but had everything we needed from clothes to food to shelter.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate my parents more, as most kids do. The friendship I have with my Mom is unbeatable. She encourages me daily, and is my inspiration. What she has been through this year with her health has made me so proud of her courage and faith. My Dad is my rock and my defender. He taught me so much about being strong, moving forward in the face of adversity, and made sure I knew how to change a tire and go after the job I wanted no matter the obstacles. His commitment to his family has never wavered and I’m so proud to be his daughter.

We have faced many losses over the last few years; family members leaving this earth to meet with Jesus. We weren’t ready to see them go, and it’s made for some tear-filled days and nights, but each loss has made me all the more thankful for my parents, for our relationship, and for their example of what a marriage steeped in God can be with prayer and devotion.

Thank you Mom & Dad for all you’ve done for me every single day! I love you both more than words can ever express!

Lambie Love,