Giving Thanks: Husband (Day #21)

When I met my husband seven years ago, I had stopped looking for love. I had decided that I didn’t need a perfect match…or any match at all. I had resigned myself to being single, and was throwing all I had into my job. I figured I had been waiting all along for a myth, and now it was time to put my childhood daydreams aside. Basically, I had given up.

Then I went to a birthday party for an acquaintance, and we met…and my whole world changed. 16 months later we were married, and I became a wife and stepmom. Most importantly, I had found a partner and friend to walk with through life.

Now, most folks I know will attest to the fact that I’m a bit of firecracker, and we both come from Italian families, so to say our home is quiet would be a misnomer. It hasn’t been as breezy as the fairy tales I read in books. The truth is, once upon a time takes hugs, forgiveness, compromise, and prayer. But, after seven years, I can say that my husband is my best friend. He loves me when I’m beautiful, and when I’m not. He listens to me when I’m quiet, and when I’m not. He protects me when I’m strong, and when I’m not. He supports me when I’m right, and when I’m not.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been seven years! So much has happened in our world already. We’ve faced blending families, moving several times, health issues, the passing of loved ones, travel, job losses and gains, and more. It’s truly been a roller coaster of activities and events, much of it out of our control.

Yet, through it all, my husband is a gentle giant and a Good Samaritan all rolled into one. He helps others without question and tries to avoid conflict. I’m thankful for this man who fixes me hot tea on cold mornings, rubs my sore back and cold toes at the end of a long day, and wraps me in a bear hug as I cry after a hard loss, or a sad movie.

I give thanks for my spouse, for all he is and does. There are many things I wish for our life together, but mostly, I pray that we are together for fifty years plus more, that we can keep finding things to laugh at together, and that he knows just how much he means to me each day. I am blessed by him, his sacrifices, and his love.

Thank you Heavenly Father for gifting me with a wonderful man to love, my one true match.

Lambie Love,