Giving Thanks: Hope (Day #28)

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

I am thankful for Hope. I am thankful that even when it feels like the world is against us, we can have Hope in Jesus. I am thankful that even when my reality does not match my inner most dreams and desires, He is my refuge and my Hope, and a shelter in times of turmoil. He brings me through each season by giving me a reason to Hope in Him.

Each day, we may face disappointments and adversities. We may find ourselves in the valleys, searching for answers, seeking resolutions. Thankfully, Jesus is our Hope. He has the answers, and though they may look nothing like we expect or anticipate, God gives us a real and true Hope for today and tomorrow. As we move through this earthly life, we can anticipate with absolute confidence that He is working on our behalf to bring about good works, a positive outcomes, and precious gifts.

Lately, it is hard to look around our world today and see the pain and suffering, the fear and isolation, and the anger and panic that has become so pervasive. Yet, our Hope, real Hope, is not based on feelings or fleshly needs, wants, and gains. Our Hope, as believers, is based on the concrete facts about our Redeemer.

He is always with usFact. He loves us unconditionallyFact. He wants the best for us and our familiesFact. He is full of graceFact. He is mercifulFact. He is our eternityFact.

We may face many hurdles, tests, and hurts, but our Hope is based on the biblical principal that though we cannot see Him, and though we have not yet met Him face to face, God is real. He is faithful and true. HE is our Hope in good times and in bad, for the present and the future.

Whatever you do today, don’t give up Hope. Be thankful for the guarantee that is God’s Hope.

Lambie Love,