Giving Thanks: Children (Day #19)

When I became a mom, it changed my whole universe. Literally. So, today, I’m giving thanks for children, specifically my daughter.

As a teacher for 15 years, I always thought of my students as my kids, and I called them that whenever I talked about them to others. It was just the way I viewed them and how I treated them. And, for the longest time, I didn’t worry about having my own children because I was spending every day with “my kids”.

Then, I married my husband, and three years later we had our Baby Girl. It was completely life-altering!

I’m not sure I really knew what to expect when she was born, but I know at first I felt like it was total and utter chaos. I went from long days at work spent teaching, grading, and attending meetings to sleepless nights, diaper changing, and nursing. My new schedule was all so foreign to me and so opposite of my normal day to day that I struggled at first to know exactly what to do with not only me, but also this lively human being. And, then I went back to work.

I finished out the school year after her birth, but decided to take time off to be a Mom…her Mom. It was a hard decision, as I loved being in the classroom, but I don’t regret it…not for one moment. Even from birth, our Baby Girl made me slow down, see the world differently, and learn how to connect with others in a new and different way. This energetic little one has given me more love, more smiles, and more of everything. She lights up the room with her giggles and silliness. She gives the best hugs. She has a most vivid imagination. She is beautiful. Her spirit draws people to her without reservation. I love her so much. No two days are exactly the same and none of them are exactly perfection. Most of them are messy, loud, and full of motion.

Children are the innocence and the purity of heaven. They give us the opportunity to be young again, to see with fresh eyes all the blessings around us. Kids are the heart of Jesus being shared with us on earth. Our role as their parents and guardians is to nurture them, to teach them, to guide them, to discipline them, and to love them as Christ loves us. And, in return, they teach us how to love more freely, defend more fiercely, and share more openly. No child should ever be neglected, abused, or abandoned. Each child is needed and important. Our boys and girls are our legacy. They deserve to be loved, comforted, and protected.

Blowing Bubbles. Pumpking patches. Holding a roly-poly. Easter Backets. Riding on Daddy’s shoulders. Seeing Christmas parades. Swimming in the bathtub. Road trips. Waiving to the horses. Birthday parties. Singing songs in the car. Crying over a boo-boo. Having tea with doll-babies. Crawling into a lap for a hug. Sleeping with a one hand wrapped around Mama’s pinkie. How does one tiny human being change your life for the better? How can we ever truly say Thank You enough to our Heavenly Father for the present He gives to us in the form of a child? Yes, my life has gone through some pretty big changes in the last three years, but the gains and rewards I have received for being willing to adjust, adapt, and receive as her mom, well, there just aren’t enough words.

Today, and every day, I give thanks for the blessing of my little girl and for the opportunity to be her Mama.

I am so thankful that God chose me.

Lambie Love,