Top 5 Reasons to Donate

Donating to a cause is a personal thing. We choose people, groups, companies and causes to donate to because of our life experiences, our friends’ recommendations, a community’s need, a family member’s request. There are causes for everything from health and medical to music albums and ice making machines. It can be a hard decision to give or an easy one depending on your financial outlook or personal convictions.

You have supported Little Lamb Books on social media, on our website, and by signing up for our email newsletter. We have seen our numbers steadily grow on all our current channels. Thank you! Now, we’re asking you to share our crowdfunding campaign to assist us with startup costs, talent development, illustration and design, and our first full marketing campaign as well as giving back to our community.

As a start-up we must think completely outside the business box and find ways to operate successfully, have a positive influence, and make an impact in our market. We are planning book trailers, author visits, competition entries, conference booths, website raffles and much more for our authors, books and fans.

A crowdfunding campaign allows us to reach out to you, our audience, our fans, and our readers, and ask you for your participation. You can check out our vision, our campaign, the charity we are partnering with (6 Stones), and our incentives by visiting

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in 60 days. We have 41 days to go.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons (in descending order) to participate in Our Crowdfunding Campaign.

5. Cool Rewards. We have some pretty neat rewards for each dollar amount donated, including t-shirts and signed first editions of our first book title.

4. You Love to Read. Reading allows you to meet new people, travel to unique places, be everything from the villain to the crime fighter. Reading is one of the most satisfying hobbies for a man, woman, boy or girl to have.

3. It’s Giving Back. We are partnering with a local charity to give back to our community. They will receive 10% off the top IF WE REACH OUR GOAL! That means that we could possibly donate $2,500 (or more) to their Christmas event, which will give approximately 3,200 kids Christmas gifts this year. We are doing our part, and your donation allows you to do yours.

2. Kids Matter. Every child should be able to read, and every child should be able to learn about Jesus, and to have access to clean, fresh, and interesting stories that support their character and their faith. Books should encourage them be strong in the Lord and in the authority that He gives them as one of His children as well as entertain them. Kids really do matter, and books are a way to help them see it and believe it for themselves.

1. You Believe. You believe in God’s purpose for you and for us. You believe that books are important. You believe that kids need to hear inspiring stories. You believe that our pre-teens and teens need to have support in this ever-changing world. You believe that Jesus is love and grace. You believe.

When you give, you make a difference because every donation matters.

I hope you are following us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And, I encourage you to sign up for our monthly email newsletter. I can’t wait to share with you about our first author (an introduction is coming soon!), our first book title, and our spring catalog. I invite you to comment on our posts and share about us with all your friends, family, business associates, church groups, book clubs, libraries, and more.

Here’s the link again:

Most importantly, today, I’m asking YOU to donate to us, Little Lamb Books.

Will you?

Lambie Love,