Music Monday (Duets Edition)

Good Morning! I seem to be on a bit of a theme kick with our Music Mondays this month with last week being the acapella version and the week before being a jazz version, and though it was a bit tough, I decided to keep it going today (Oh, and I can’t wait to reveal the list for next week!) with DUETS!

There are more than a bunch of musical duets to be found between musicians of all music genres, categories, and groups. On the majority of “Best of Duets” lists you can find online, romantic ballads top the list of topics and story lines with Christmas duets coming in a close second, but since it’s not yet December (Do you want to know how many Fridays until Christmas? Do ya? ONLY NINE!), I decided that instead of trying to find just one artist or one particular genre, I would choose to stick with a few duets I personally am enjoying, thought were more upbeat for our Monday, or that maybe weren’t played as often on the radio.

Enjoy! Oh, and what’s the name of your favorite duet and who sings it?

Lambie Love,