Music Monday (Acapella Edition)

Good Morning and Hallelujah for a new week! We had such a busy weekend as a family, that I’m kind of ready to get back to work.

However, for some, Columbus Day is still a holiday, fall break, or day off from school or work, and while I can’t imagine how Columbus might actually feel about having a day named after him, I know he and his story rile some folks up and they have trouble enjoying this historically-based event.

Sorry, I’m not here to get into the drama of our nation’s origins.

Right now, even though I’m struggling with all the negativity of our societal landscape, what I want to celebrate is being able to enjoy living in America. And, I give thanks for the random days like today that allow myself and those I care about to enjoy the freedom of resting amd relaxing, of rejoicing in my Savior, and being loved thanks to His grace and mercy.

So, since last week I decided to branch out and show everyone my jazzy side, I thought today was a great day to introduce you to my….Acapella side!

Y’all, I LOVE ACAPELLA MUSIC! Love…Love…Love it! I followed the show The Sing-Off every season; I even voted for my faves (which, by the way, I don’t do on a regular occasion for any other reality competition show). I enjoy hearing all the parts being sung without instrumentation behind them, all the harmonies blending, and how today, many groups take a well-known tune and turn it inside out…and it sounds incredible and even better than the original!

I have a few people in my life to blame for my love of four-part harmonies. Besides my Father, who as mentioned previously, gave me a love for the oldies, but goodies, I also had two other influencers. Both of my choir teachers, Mr. David Holsinger and Mr. Richard McKean, took my love for music and singing and showed me how to hear the notes, how to hold my part, how to understand the rhythms, and how to sing from my heart. I am so thankful for the history, traditions, and memories they gave me to lean on musically.

That means today you get to hear some fun, beautiful, foot-tappin’, finger-snappin’, and head-boppin’ acapella songs being sung currently by some of the best vocal groups around! I have personally seen Pentatonix in concert, and they are superb. I have been following Straight No Chaser since their first Christmas song, 12 Days of Christmas, came out in 2009.

*Side note: Christmas is only 73 days away-just sayin’!

I hope you find today’s music list fun and cheerful, and, I hope your Monday is a blessed, happy, and beautiful day!


Lambie Love,