You’re Invited!

In 10 days, Little Lamb Books will be hosting its inaugural launch party. The September 20th event is being held at a beautiful location. The goody bags have been made. The first Little Lamb Books t-shirts have been ordered. Over 120 invitations have been sent out.

The purpose of a launch party is generally to raise awareness of a brand, a product, or a company. Or, a launch party can be to celebrate the hard work of a company’s team as they begin or complete a new venture. Either way, the event can be simple or lavish, and it’s free to its guests.

Initially, I wasn’t sure a launch party was expected or even necessary for a publishing company. After all, our products are books, and most people already know what books are. But, as we began putting our business action plans together, I realized what better way for Little Lamb Books to be celebrated and introduced to not only those closest to me, but also those I hope we are blessed to do business with in the future.

We need to share our vision of faith-based books as well as our purpose within a changing industry. We long to give, create, and inspire. We want to be sure that our audience, our readers, know who we are and what types of books they can expect us to produce. And, yes, we need to celebrate how productive the past nine months of praying and planning has been. God has been so good!

And, so, we began the planning of a Sunday afternoon launch party, but what do we call it…a “Purplelicious-fest”? Do we say we’re having a Lambapalooza? Or, should we just call it a Lambie Love Party? Yes, yes, and absolutely, YES! All of the above and more!

This event is free to those of you who want to come and meet us, and hear about our company, and support our plans for producing faith-based books for young readers. This event is a celebration for our family and friends who have walked this journey with us each day. This event is a product introduction for writers, agents, editors, and librarians who might want to work with us today or in the future. This event is for Moms and Dads looking for clean, fresh, entertaining, and enriching stories for their 8 to 18-year-old kids.

I have been praying over this launch every day. I am excited about meeting so many of you. I hope that the success of Little Lamb Books will mean that more young readers will be able to read about kids like them, kids who believe in an Almighty God, kids who may face challenges in their day-to-day life, but who can walk strong knowing they are not alone because they have a faithful and loving Jesus on their side.

launch invite sWe are hosting a launch party in 10 days to introduce you to Little Lamb Books, but more importantly, we are hosting this event to say thank you for supporting us, sharing in our work, and being a part of a faith-based company that we believe God has big plans for now and in the future. Sunday, September 20 from 3-5pm. You’re invited. Will you join us? It’s going to be a purpelicious, lambapalooza-filled, lambie love party!

To RSVP, go to this link right now

Have a great day!

Lambie Love,