Wordy Wednesday: Launch

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. As authors, editors, marketers and publishers, words breathe life into our passions, our thoughts, our images, and our feelings. They combine to create the books, the settings, and the characters that have emerged as important members of our extended families. Such is the love we bestow on even the smallest of words.

Each Wednesday, we endeavor to pontificate on the unique qualities of a specific word, a favorite word, and a special word, a global word or, well, any word. Are you ready to join in? Good.

Today’s Wordy Wednesday, is:

[lawnch or lahnch]
Definition: To send forth or release; to start on a course; to initiate; to start or promote (something new).

Have you ever seen those lists…the ones that tell you what to say in place of something else? As someone who works with writers, I collect those lists like a candy stash in a hidden drawer, so I can pull them out and share them with writers who might be struggling with word choices…or if I, myself, am having trouble finding the right word. I quite appreciate the fact that someone else has put together suggestions for words I like to describe as bland, but more knowledgeable folks like to say are passive or non-descriptive, such as go, say, good or bad.

boatlaunch small frame

Photo courtesy of Igor Kasalovic.

Launch is an active verb. It has a definite visual image attached to it. Mine is a nautical vision. I love the beach, the ocean, the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the feel of the sand between my toes. When I read the word launch, I imagine a heavy boat or ship being propelled forward by oars, sails, steam or an engine. I picture a surfboard being moved swept forward across the waves through the open water. Of course, in my vision or dream, I’m standing on the deck of a cruiser traveling to a new and exciting location…Key West, Hawaii, or the Bahamas.

Taste salt water. Smell of the sea. Wind in my hair.

Oh, eh hem. Sorry, little carried away. Did I mention I LOVE the beach?

Anyway, as we prepare for our launch party, I am excited about the visual image of sending forth faith-based books and launching a brand new publishing company for inspirational authors. It thrills me to be a part of initiating new stories that may influence a new generation of young readers, young minds that are still growing, learning, and deciding their life’s path.

Our Heavenly Father launched Jesus into a lost world that needed to hear the message of His love and His grace. He gave Jesus a unique and different course, one of love, forgiveness, healing, and compassion. God released His son to guide the disciples through His divine influence, and He influenced the minds and hearts of those around Him to believe in miracles, to pray boldly for others, and to seek Him even when they were being treated unfairly.

As we prepare for our Lambie Love Launch event, I am delighted to set Little Lamb Books in motion and to be the guide for its future boldness. I believe that our company will set a new and enriched course for young men and young women searching for inspiration and encouragement in the stories they read, and, well, that makes me one happy little lamb.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” Henry David Thoreau


Lambie Love,