My Party Planner

It’s Wednesday, and normally I would do a Words of Wisdom or a Wordy Wednesday, but we are 4 DAYS away from our launch party, so forgive me, but that’s what I’m going to write about!

So, I love a good party. I enjoy the decorations, the food, the gifts, the photographs! Everyone says I should have been an event planner in another life because I love planning the little details, finding the right colors, deciding on a theme, picking out a good menu, choosing fun guest gifts, etc. I’ve planned birthday parties, anniversary parties, school banquets, non-profit fundraisers, class reunions, and more. Each time, I’ve learned something new, and I’ve watched as guests have had a great time. I can’t say I’ve used a party planner, not even for my wedding (though I did have lots and lots of help for that one!).

And, this launch party is no different…except, it’s my little company, it has an important purpose, AND I have a specific budget! YIKES!

Of course, I knew we would use purple and lots of lambs, so the actual theme and color scheme was fairly easy, but deciding the date, time, location, food and such has offered some interesting challenges. This will be the first company launch party I’ve ever pulled together, and folks, whether we’re a raging success or not, I will lay down on Sunday night and know that #1) We did the absolute best we could…and #2) I’m going to need a really loooooong nap!

I do not love the stress and anxiety of the planning process, which is more self-induced than anything else. My biggest issue with planning an event is not the budget or even the guest list. It’s wanting everyone who attends to have a great time, to feel like it was worth it, and to have everything go just right. But, that’s hard, and if we’re truthful, you and I both know you can’t please everyone all the time. Ever. Everyone walks into a party (or a job, or a friendship, or a church class) with their own expectations, their own troubles, and their own attitudes. So, of course, that’s a variable that is out of my control.

But you know who is in control right now? God. My Heavenly Father is my party planner. He has heard my desires, wishes, and hopes for this event and this company. He knows my fears, worries, and frustrations. And, He has it all under control.

He has the list of to do items, and He is checking them off one by one.

He has reached out to those on the guest list and touched their hearts as well.

He has worked through the various challenges, opening and shutting doors as necessary.

For instance, when I couldn’t find lambs to decorate with (because ya know, it’s not Easter right now!!!), He walked me into a location just yesterday, that had an ENTIRE BIN OF THEM! Y’all, I almost cried right there holding soft, cuddly lambies!

My God is in charge of this launch party and He is the CEO of Little Lamb Books! I may spinning in a million different directions, but His hands are on everyone and everything, big or little, and I can breathe so much easier knowing He is in control. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share all my love for Little Lamb Books, and I hope all of you can join us on Sunday, September 20 from 3-5 to hear all about our vision, our purpose, and our future. But, most of all, I am so thankful that God is our lifetime planner, and that He has wonderful things in store for all those who believe and trust in Him…whether they attend our party or not.

Thanks God. Only 4 more Days!

Lambie Love,