Launch Party Thank You Note

I just have to start by saying that our Lambie Love Launch Party this past Sunday was an amazing success. It was terrific to see familiar faces and meet new friends and talk books, faith, and kids with everyone!

Yesterday, I stayed away from technology for much of the day. I didn’t blog, tweet, or post anything. I played with my daughter, washed dishes, visited with family, and I let all the little nuances and special moments from the party re-play through my mind’s eye. Yes, I was also super tired, but I was thanking God for all the amazing stories He gave us to tell through our event.

And Y’all, it was INCREDIBLE!!! It was like God was holding up a mirror and showing us a future view of all He has in store for our little publishing house; it was beautiful. From our sweet volunteers setting up the room to my Dad playing his trumpet with our jazz band to my little girl wearing her Little Lamb Books t-shirt to seeing new and familiar faces as I spoke from the stage, our Little Lamb Books Launch Party was a combination of exhilaration, nervous butterflies, personal pride, and sincere gratitude.

I couldn’t, and didn’t, do any of this on my own. So, today’s blog is a really big THANK YOU list to all those who participated in this event. It’s not eloquent or refined, but it’s my Thank You Card to all the wonderful people who made Sunday a success.

THANK YOU to the beautiful and talented Meagan B for helping me feel beautiful. It was a pleasure meeting you, and your light hand and eye for detail made my time in your chair for hair and make-up help settle some of my nerves. You did a wonderful job under a tight schedule, and I am super glad we know each other now. Thank you!

THANK YOU Adrianna from 6 Stones for partnering with us on our crowdfunding campaign and for attending the launch with only three weeks left until your new little joins your family. Blessings on you and your family in the coming days.

To our photographer Kelly from Kelly Olivares Photography, thank you for knowing just what we needed and taking pictures of it all! Best wishes on your new photography studio!

To Steve from Turquoise Video Productions, thank you for your patience as I dealt with my butterflies on camera. I can’t wait to see the final results and share them with our friends and fans.

To our band guys, Lou Carfu and friends…you guys kept us moving and I loved all the songs. THANK YOU!

THANK YOU Morgan (and staff) at Texas Star Golf Course and Conference Center. The location is beautiful, the food was yum, and the event went well!

To our vendors, Sign Art Etc (photo backdrop), CustomInk (t-shirts), 4Imprint (tumblers & pens), and Staples (signs and cards)-I appreciate how you each went above and beyond to help us with our orders. I appreciate your customer service and kindness as we ordered from each of you new things for the first time. THANK YOU!

To our creative graphic art designer, Amy from Two Leaf Creative…I could not have done any of this without your eye for detail, your beautiful designs, and your willingness to take on all our projects. I have HUGE GRATITUDE for you and your God-given talents and skills, and am beyond thankful to also call you friend. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

To our 10 volunteers, you were AWESOME, AMAZING, and BRILLIANT! You did all I asked of you and so much more! THANK YOU to Kerri Hamilton and her daughter Sarah, to Greg and Brooke Clark, and their young ones Jonathan and Jessica, and to Wendy Vera. You all were ROCK STARS on Sunday, you represented this company proudly, and I am thankful for each of you more than words can ever do justice.

Thank you to Debbie LaMonica, my aunt, who traveled from Houston to join us. I heart you big!

To my beautiful and loving parents, John and Jody LaMonica…with all the challenges in starting a new business, you have only ever said, “Go for it” and I can’t ever thank you enough for supporting this dream and going on this adventure with me every step of the way! I Love You! THANK YOU!

Thank you to my kiddos, BB and AJ, for sharing me with Little Lamb Books and all the other people on Sunday. I’m so proud of you both for helping set up, visiting with our guests, and being a great example of our family. Big hugs to you both!

And, a ENORMOUS THANK YOU to my patient and strong hubby Jason for supporting me, loving me, reminding me to breathe, and completing the many handy man projects I needed done. You’re my rock, and I love you!

To all our guests who took time to attend our Lambie Love Launch Party, thank you. Thank you for attending, for mingling and meeting each other, for supporting our vision and for sharing it with others. We are super excited to bring Little Lamb Books to life, and for you to be there with us along the way.

To all our supporters near and far who couldn’t join us, we missed you so much, but we are appreciative of your prayers, encouraging emails, precious posts, and all-around support. We love our fans so much! Keep sharing about us, stay tuned for more details this week on our crowdfunding campaign, and be ready for some really exciting author news in the next few weeks! THANK YOU!

To our Heavenly Father, thank you for the vision you have given us for this company. May we always give you thanks and glory for the amazing moments past and present. THANK YOU Jesus for your love, your peace and your plan for us. You are our shepherd, and we will follow your voice wherever you lead us.

Lambie Love,