Just Breathe

It’s September 2nd. While it’s still ridiculously warm in Texas, the summer months have ended and according to our weather folk, fall has begun its arrival. And, we are officially 18 days from our Lambie Love Launch Party! For me, the past several days have involved cold medicine and lots of planning, and then celebrating, and then the picking up of birthday party items as I have come down with a summer cold (a bit of an oxymoron) and my littlest celebrated her 4th birthday in true pixie dust filled fashion. Among all the present wrapping, food making, and guests visiting, my body said it was enough and began to quickly fall apart. By Sunday, it was time to just be still and rest.

We all need moments to rest, refresh, and rely on our Heavenly Father to recharge us and get us ready for the next big thing He has for our lives. If you are struggling with all that is on your plate today (like I am), try to find a moment to sit still, read your favorite scripture, have a cool drink of water (or if you’re in the south, sweet tea!), and just breathe. Breathe in the spirit of the Lord. Breathe in His love for you as you are. Breathe in His joy, peace, and grace. Breathe in the good, exhale the bad.

Just breathe.

Lambie Love,