Top 10 Must Have Back to School Supplies

So, it’s August. And, that means virtually every store in America is stocked to the brim with every sort of back to school supply imaginable. This also means 2 things: 1) All us going crazy, wild-eyed parents are about have a quiet house yet again. YEAH! 2) It’s time to go shopping! Squeee!

As a teacher of 15 years, it is beyond impossible for me to walk past a row of back to school supplies, and not find something to need, want, or quite frankly, have-to-have. Beyond. The smells, the colors, the trends…like a moth to a flame, it pulls me in EVERY…SINGLE…TIME.

So, for this week’s Tops Tuesday List, I thought it would be fun to list my personal Top 10 must have school supplies for fall. These are the items that without fail, I have purchased every year for back to school, including this one. I fall for these supplies each August (yes, pun intended).

Check out my list, and let me know if any of these make it on your list too.

crayon pile

1. Crayola Washable Crayons
For me, the smell alone evokes memories from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade. Every year for school, my mom would buy me a new pack of these. Sometimes at Christmas we were even gifted with the 120-count box with a sharpener in the back. I LOVE CRAYONS! Now, they have specialty color packs as well as the amazing twistable pack. I’m in school supply heaven y’all!

2. Crayola Washable Markers
Let’s face it; Crayola is the end all, be all of crayons and markers. Nobody does them better. Every year as a teacher, I would purchase multiple, multiple boxes of new Crayola markers in a wide range of colors-original, pastel, bold. I loved opening the boxes of broad tip and fine line tips and pouring them into my big tub of markers to be used in the classroom for projects, designs, book covers, posters, and much more.

3. Sharpies
I LOVE Sharpies! No, they didn’t pay me to say that, but Hello Sharpie Company, if you want to send me a new pack every year, I would love you even more! I love the fine tip, chisel tip, any tip, but right now my absolute favorites are assorted color, retractables. I MUST have these every year.

4. Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens (all colors)
These are my preferred writing tools. After years of grading papers in every color of the rainbow, I have found that your basic blue or black ink ballpoint pen just doesn’t cut it. I have bought two packs this year alone just because they had new colors I didn’t already find in my stash at home (Hello Gray and Melon!). Really, I’m in LOVE with these pens!

5. Post-it Notes variety pack
This is a no brainer. I pick these up every time. All Colors. I even found white ones this year at one of the local office supply stores. I have the 3×3 mini cubes, the original 3×5 notepads, and the 4×6 lined pads. I use them everywhere.

6. Mead Wide Ruled composition notebook
Call me old-fashioned (just not old please!), but whether basic black, bright blue, or hot purple, these 70 count pages are my go to note takers, list makers, and idea holders. I’m not a big fan of spiral notebooks, but I’ll take these any day.

7. Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks in Disappearing Purple
Especially now with a three-year-old, I am ever so thankful that whomever came up with glue sticks did so before I became a parent. We used these in my classrooms all the time for all sorts of projects, but I love them even more now because my daughter can use them without having to peel the remaining glue off her fingertips.

8. Bic #2 Pencils
Can I just say the number of choices found in this supply category is, just, like, wow! All one color barrel, multi-color barrels, even Minion and Avenger themed barrels. Good Grief, I want them all! Pencils. I can’t live without them!

9. 16GB USB drive
Okay, so this is a new one over the last few years, but any time these little buggers go on sale and I can get pink, purple, orange, etc. I’m in. I carry these with me all the time to download images, hold documents, show presentations, etc. As a teacher, I asked all my students to have one because you never know when you’ll need to save something for class.

10. Purell Hand Sanitizer
15 years people…15 years. My health in the classroom was directly related to the health of my students. And, the health of my students was directly related to every single item they touched. So there was a HUGE container of this stuff in class at all times. But, I also like grabbing pocket sized ones because I keep it in my purse, my car, etc.

Bonus item: A new lunch bag
Okay, so let’s be real. After carrying my lunch with me daily for 10 months of the year, my lunch bag always got a bit this side of yuck by summer time. So, just to cheer me up, make lunch a happy time, and just generally, give me a new “present” for returning to school when I could still be swimming, I try to find a fun, new, colorful lunch tote for the new school year. This year, my little chose Tinkerbelle, and well, that made it perfect to me too!

So, that’s my list…well, not really my whole list, but these are my tops. What school supplies are on your list? Do you have anything special you purchase each year to kick off the back to school season?