It’s Coming.

Have you guessed what “IT” is yet?
We’ve mentioned a few times in passing that a special event is coming our way.
Well, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what that special event is…drum roll please.

(cue sound effects)

It’s the Little Lamb Books Launch Party!

(cue much clapping and rejoicing)

We are so enthusiastic about this launch party because this will be a special time for us to share with our families, friends, business partners, authors, and more about our leader, our vision, and how God is shaping our company as we move forward.

Of course, as we continue to count down to this LAMBAPALOOZA (did you know that could be a word?!), we are working behind the scenes on all the important details, including how many lambs we can decorate with, how much purple is too much purple (this could get interesting), AND what amazing prizes we will raffle off as well as stuff in our goody bags.

So, we would appreciate it if you would please add us to your prayer list (pray for wisdom, clarity and smooth preparations), and then be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter, keep your eyes open for more reveals as we get closer to the actual party time (next reveal), and contact us if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and would like to attend the event.

With much Lambie Love,