We are (a)LIVE!

We are LIVE…And, it feels so good! On Monday our web site, this web site, was officially released for everyone to enjoy, to find, and to share. I am so excited to see how God is going to use Little Lamb Books to bless families, readers, authors, and many more in the days, weeks, and months to come.

While it often feels like we are moving at a snail’s pace, starting a brand new company and preparing a solid foundation for it is so important, especially in an ever-changing industry and in the anti-Christian world we currently live. God has called us to be alive in Christ (Romans 6:11) and to live for Him.

In business, it’s necessary to move with wisdom and to be discerning about how we build it up in order for it to not just be successful and prosper on paper, but for God to be able to reach out to teens, parents, and more through the books we produce. In this same way, in our day-to-day life, we must build ourselves up through prayer, worship, reading the Bible and fellowship with believers. This builds a foundation for our lives as we step our in faith and grow and become the individuals God created us to be (Romans 6:6).

As the president of Little Lamb Books, I appreciate your prayers, and your patience as we strive to build a solid catalog of books for middle grade and young adult readers. I also appreciate your willingness to show your support for us by sharing our story with those you know who are looking for faith-based stories and novels for their pre-teens and teens as well as authors who want to tell a faith-based story.

As we move forward we will be revealing more about our company, about our staff, and about our future plans. And, we will continue building the foundation for us to be (a)live in Christ.

Oh, and as a THANK YOU, we will be entering all those who sign up for our monthly email newsletter by September 1, 2015 into a raffle for a brand new e-reader. Winners will be announced at our September launch party! Stay Tuned! More details to come!

Lambie Love,