The Start Of It All

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

Have you ever felt like you had to step out on a thin branch in order to take flight?

This is the feeling I’ve had since January 2015. I felt I was moving step by step onto this thin branch, praying I didn’t fall, and waiting for God to take my hand and say it’s time to fly.

Well, the time has come. Starting now, a dream I have had since I was a young girl is taking flight. Today, we are starting Little Lamb Books, a faith-based publishing company that will focus on creating enriching, encouraging, and inspiring fiction for middle grade and young adult readers. And, I am so excited!!

This is the culmination of three things: my love for books and storytelling, my deep desire to make a difference for Christ, and a leap of faith to see a childhood dream become a reality.

As a new company, you may be wondering where we came up for the name for this new business venture. Well, there are two reasons for the company name, both of which are personal to me.

The first is that the meaning of my first name is literally “little lamb”. Have you ever looked up the meaning behind your own first name? Do you know where your name originated or the culture it was born from? I have at least three name books on my bookshelf, but for as long as I can remember I have always known the meaning of my name. And, because of this, I’ve also been interested in the meanings of names and learning about the different cultures from which they have come. It makes meeting new people a bit more fun too!

Secondly, when I was in middle school at a small, Christian academy, we had to create a class newsletter. I was put in charge of it for my grade and to make it more “official”, I put a copyright symbol with the name Little Lamb Publishing at the bottom of each of my pages. I thought it sounded very important, and little did I know the impact that moment would have on me.

Did you know that in the Bible there are 74 scriptures that speak of sheep and 41 verses that speak of lambs? This imagery is used quite often to discuss Jesus as our Shepherd, our leader, and how we are His lambs, whom he loves. It is quite an important analogy, and generally speaking when we hear the word lamb we think of words like, small, youth, young ones, innocence, and joy. I think these are precious words, just as the youth around us are precious.

As we launch this new venture, we strive to create books that will enrich the faith of young readers, to encourage their walk with Christ, and to inspire their creativity through fun stories and interesting characters. We invite you to join us by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, joining us on social media, and bookmarking our brand new website. And, as we grow, we will share more about us, our books, and our authors.

Lambie Love,
Rachel Pellegrino
Founder and President
Little Lamb Books