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Little Lamb Books is a Texas-based, trade publishing company striving to shepherd the next generation of faithful readers by encouraging their faith in God, inspiring their love of reading, and delighting their imagination through colorful and creative literary works.

In our fourth year of children’s publishing, our two main goals are to create literary content from a biblical worldview for elementary, middle grade and young adult readers. We also want to invigorate the lives of young readers by creating a catalog filled with a variety of titles that mix friendship, family, and faith with biblical parallels, everyday lessons, and strong characters and storylines.

We encourage you to browse our site, follow us on your choice of social media platforms, and purchase our books for you, your children, or grandchildren. Thank you!

Featured Book!

Introduce young readers to the consistent presence of their Heavenly Father with Good Night, Fireflies by Janet Christensen and illustrated by Francesca Pesci. A playful twilight journey into the backyard teaches young Landon that, like the fireflies found in the darkness of the night sky, God is always there, whether we can see Him or not. Children will find lasting comfort in relating this familiar image to our ever-present and loving Father. Good Night, Fireflies is available in paperback and hard cover where books are sold.

Soft Cover ISBN#: 978-1-7332828-3-3, Price $12.95
Hard Cover ISBN#: 978-1-7323158-7-7, Price $15.95

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“What a bubble ride of hope! I read this to my grandchildren, and they loved repeating the words, “Splurt! Splat! Pop! Hey, little bubble, it's time to pop!" Amid the giggles and smiles, they learned something wonderful, too. God hears our prayers. Yep. Every single one. It's good to bind this message to their hearts, especially in our current world full of mega noise and unrest.”
Helen J.

The Bubble Who Would Not Pop

“I really enjoyed the story about a special group of young people from different backgrounds who had evident and latent abilities. These young people are brought together by a Steve Jobs type of young man who wants to use their abilities for a secret purpose. The young people are unaware of this until they are warned by a man who is sent by God to help them. You will have to read this book for yourselves to find out about the young people and their fate!”
Terry W.


“Great book with a great message. Read a chapter of this book to my daughter each night. Just before bed each night she asked if we could read "mustache". Great story with uplifting message and good characters. Easy read for parents that like chapters that are a perfect length for bedtime reading.”
Dan S.

Teeny Sweeny & the Mustache Cash