Mrs. Noah


MRS. NOAH is a celebration of love, and the motivation behind all the amazing things people do to make a house a home, even when that home is an ark! Mrs. Noah knows it takes more than wood, nails, and a hammer to make their big boat a comfy place to live. Stalls need cleaning, beds need making, and food needs baking before the animals come trotting, crawling, slithering and flying aboard! And how WILL she find a place for the elephants to take a bath? Author Patti Richards shows us how Mrs. Noah gets Noah’s help with the loving details before a single raindrop falls.



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Page Count: 34

Soft Cover ISBN#: 978-1953456-16-8

Hard Cover ISBN#: 978-1953456-03-8


JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Animals
JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / People & Places
JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Values & Virtues

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Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 in

Softcover, Hardcover