Frequently Asked Questions

For Authors

What makes Little Lamb Books different?
We believe that elementary, middle graders and young adults deserve creative and imaginative stories that also reflect their faith and the journey to building self-worth, self- discovery, and self-esteem in Christ. We believe that young people need role models and literary characters not afraid to stand up for their faith, and who are also walking a path that will bring them closer to God. While we are a traditional, royalty-paying press, we are not looking to churn out book after book quickly just for the money. We are focused on selecting dedicated writers and carefully crafted manuscripts and building a partnership and relationship with them that develops original cover art, excellent book layouts, quality editing, an author-focused contract, and a creative marketing campaign. We are a young press, but our staff has years of writing, literary, educational, and business experience.

How do you break down the age groups you focus on?
In the genres we are accepting, our focus is on these age groups.

  • Picture Books (ages 4-7)
  • Upper Elementary Chapter Books (ages 7-12)
  • Middle Grade books (ages 10-14)
  • High School novels (ages 13-18)

Which genres do you currently publish?
We are a faith-based press with a Christian Worldview. With that as our foundation, we are actively seeking a range of projects from Contemporary Christian or Inspirational, Simply Sweet Romance, Historical Fiction, Humorous or Comedy, Mystery and Suspense, Action and Adventure, and Science Fiction and Fantasy.

What don’t you publish?
We do not publish Graphic novels of any kind. We do not accept manuscripts with profanity, graphic sex or violence, LGBTQ, horror, or paranormal.

What story lengths do you accept?

  • For Picture Books, 100 to 500
  • For Upper Elementary and most Middle Grade books, 3k-60k word count
  • For Young Adult novels, 50k to 80k word count

*There are a few exceptions to this for a few specific themes, but it is rare and highly unlikely that we will publish anything over 100,000 words.

Can I see a sample contract?
Any author who’s received an offer on their manuscript will receive a contract to review.  While our contracts are modeled after industry-standards, each author and each manuscript is different, we do not share or send contracts out without an offer.

Do you offer advances?
Advances are not standard practice for Little Lamb Books.

What are your royalty terms?
Royalty percents are different for each contract and each author, however, specific percents are represented for hardbacks, trade paperbooks, eBooks, audio books, and various other subsidiary rights within the contract.

Do you accept reprints/previously-published materials?
Not generally

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
No. We try to get back to you within 5-8 weeks of receiving a submission, so we appreciate your patience and ask that you not submit your manuscript while you have it with us. However, once 6-8 weeks has passed, if you have not heard from us, you can assume that we are passing on the submission.

Do you accept multiple submissions?
Yes and No.
Yes, you may submit a different manuscript for multiple age groups, but they must be completely different stories, characters, etc. For example, if you have a chapter book for Upper Elementary and a novel for Young Adult.
Yes, you may submit to multiple open calls or submission specials we host at any given time.
Otherwise, No; if you are submitting via referral, agent or invite, please share with us your single best work for our review.

Do you send personalized rejections?
When possible, our rejection letters may be fairly short, but we will try to explain the primary reasons why we felt we couldn’t accept your piece. We try to do this as often as possible, however, depending on our current publishing season, it isn’t always possible.

Why does it take so long to publish a book?
A manuscript must go through many stages to become a finished product. While we aim to take less time than a traditional Manhattan firm, we must go through a detailed process to ensure the best possible outcome for both the author and the company. This includes re-writes and edits, proofreading and reviews, typesetting, and book conversion and formatting. As well as cover designing, marketing and media preparations, and more. It can feel tedious, but it’s a proven process that yields the best results for you and for us.

Will my book go to print?

Can I provide my own cover art and/or interior story illustrations?
No. Once a contract has been agreed upon, we welcome simple suggestions and ideas for cover art, but in order to create a unique, but consistent look for our label and to provide you with excellent artists for your titles, all rights for art must be ours.

How big does my author platform have to be?
While it is helpful for a new author to have a platform that is growing, we do not require you to be on every social media avenue or have a certain number of followers to submit to us.

Where are Little Lamb Books sold?
Currently, we work to distribute our eBooks via Amazon, Kobo, BAM!, iTunes, and as well as utilizing many other small and large retailers. We are regularly assessing other industry options for all our books in order to have maximum distribution among brick and mortar sellers, librarians, schools, churches, etc.

How will you help me market my book?
We develop a marketing plan for each book that partners with each individual author’s time and talents. This includes a variety of marketing options, such as social media blasts, scheduling blog tours, providing special swag such as bookmarks, creating banners for booths, ARCs and editorials, virtual giveaways, library readings, and more. The success of each book we publish leads to the success of the next as well as the success of our company overall, so we will do all we can to make your book a success.