#FaithPitch News (updated November 2017)

New Update for our November 28 #FaithPitch event!!

Just a few reminders going into this new November event:

  • This is the last event for 2017, and even though Twitter has granted the world more characters, we are going to request that you use 140-characters! We will make the character jump to 280 starting with our February 2018 event!
  • Please check our hashtags list-we’ve added a few more new ones based on your requests, including the genre/subgenre tag #GN for Graphic Novels and #DV for Diversity.
  • DO NOT ATTACH PICS unless it’s an illustration for a Picture Book, Graphic novel, or other material that includes illustrations. Your pitch will be deleted if it has images that do not belong.
  • 4 pitches 4 different times per manuscript.
  • Please remember we don’t always know when or which agents/editors are participating. We have invited over a variety from within the industry, but schedules being what they are, we can’t guarantee who’s participating. Research industry folks that do participate to make sure you are a good fit. And, whether you do or don’t receive a favorite, we are blessed to have you participate.
  • We heart all of you, but remember not to like/heart an author’s pitch-that’s only for agents/editors. RT with a comment to show support.
    Thanks and Blessings! See you Nov. 28 from 8am to 8pm CST on Twitter!

    #FaithPitch Is Growing (Update September 2017)!
    We are so excited that for 2017 (and beyond), we will host not one, not two, but THREE #FaithPitch Twitter Pitch Parties for writers of faith-based fiction!

    For those just joining in and still wondering “What is #FaithPitch?” here’s a description: #FaithPitch is a one day writing event held on Twitter, where faith-based writers have the opportunity to tweet a 140-character pitch for their unpublished, but completely finished manuscript. Agents and editors within the industry are invited to browse the feed and search for their next author/book, whether it be for kids or adults.

    #FaithPitch will now have three dates each each-winter, summer and fall. Our first one in 2017 was Tuesday, February 28. The second one was Wednesday, June 28. We are adding our third one on Tuesday, November 28 from 8am to 8pm Central Standard Time (CST), and just as before, we’re inviting literary agents and yes, editors from our fellow publishing companies throughout the industry to join us.

    A Twitter Pitch Party is a terrific opportunity for unpublished, unagented writers to possibly skip the slush pile while promoting a completed manuscript and receiving feedback. We know that in the Christian Fiction industry, which is narrow just by definition, it can be hard to find representation. We hope events like this will open the door for new voices to be heard and find a home for their stories, characters, and dreams. We know it’s working because we have multiple success stories happening each event!

    Be sure to read ALL the rules below so we can make #FaithPitch a success. Please make note that there is no guarantee of a specific publisher or agency joining the pitch party or of your pitch being chosen. And, it’s up to you to research those agents and companies that do communicate with you to ensure that they are legit and that y’all are a good fit.

    The #FaithPitch event will take place on Twitter via the hashtag. Our feed @Faith_Pitch is the place to ask questions prior to or during the event and where we’ll share up-to-the minute news too.

    Our Rules:

    Our rules are as straight forward as our title. #FaithPitch is for completed FICTION that falls under the categories of inspirational, faith-based, biblical worldview, or Christian.

    While we are accepting pitches for all age groups, we are specific about the genres that we accept, so please review the hashtag list in the right sidebar to be sure your type of manuscript is being accepted.

    • You must be tweeting pitches for finished, edited, and unpublished manuscripts.
    • Craft and tweet a 140 character pitch for each manuscript AND include the hashtag #FaithPitch.
    • Each pitch should also have at least one genre/age group hashtag. The hashtag (#) is necessary because it organizes the pitches by category for those monitoring the Twitter feed looking for specific types of books.
    • Create more than 1 pitch. Although you may use the same one repeatedly, TRY to have several variations of your pitch available to share.
    • NEW: You may only share 4 pitches per manuscript throughout the day! And, no more than 1 pitch (same or different) per 2 hours per project. This means, you need to have several variations of each pitch available to share.

    Example: Emily is pitching one children’s picture book about friendship. She sets up her variety of pitches in the following timeline. Pitch #1 at 8am, Pitch #2 at 10:30am, Pitch #3 at 1pm, Pitch #4 at 6pm. Each pitch includes #PB or #C depending on the number of characters used. Emily uses four different pitches spread out every 2-2.5 hours on the day of the pitch party. Emily gets a favorite and can say she had a successful strategy! Yeah Emily!

    • NEW: To be fair to all participants and to keep the feed fresh and moving, you are only allowed to pitch up to four (4) manuscripts during the day. You are NOT allowed to pitch the same story more than the allotted FOUR times between 8am and 8pm CST (That would be the equivalent of 9am-9pm EST).
    • Participating agents & publishers will heart (<3) your tweet if they like it. Some will post their submission guidelines early or the day of, and some will tell you when they favorite your tweet what they want, but if you don’t see it listed, follow the guidelines posted on their website.
    • As industry professionals are announced, be sure to check them out by going to their websites or reading through our blog highlights to learn more about them. Do your research, check the company submissions guidelines, and make sure you know with whom you might be dealing with BEFORE you send a reply to someone requesting your work. You don’t have to submit to anyone if you don’t want to work with them.
    • Be sure to include “#FaithPitch Request:TITLE” in the subject line when you email them your requested material…unless they ask for something different.
    • Please be sure to be professional and polite in your interactions with each other and our professionals at all times. Be aware that we will not tolerate rudeness or unkindness at any time.
    • Do not tweet agents or publishers directly unless they reach out to you first.
    • Remember not to favorite/heart a friend or fellow author’s tweets. It slows down the feed and causes undo anxiety when the person realizes it’s not an agent or publisher. Thank you.

    We all have busy times and days, and this day will probably be no exception. However, if you can’t be in front of your computer, you can use applications, like Hootesuite, Coschedule, or Tweetdeck, to schedule your pitches into the feed throughout the day.

    If you see anyone abusing our feed, please report it to Twitter or notify us right away. Thank you!

    Keep checking on our Twitter account as well as here at the #FaithPitch tab on our website and blog for up-to-date information and rules, and as we have confirmed publishers and agents participating in the feed we’ll let you know (although some may be stealthy and just go unannounced).

    We are super excited to see you on November 28, 2017. And, don’t forget we’ve announced our 2018 dates already. They are: February 28, 2018, June 28, 2018, and November 28, 2018!

    You can help spread the word by sharing this information on your favorite social media format as well as with those in your writing groups, book clubs, conference classes, and inner circles that might be interested in participating.

    If you don’t see a genre or if you have any questions, please contact us at hello@littlelambbooks.com

  • #FaithPitch Hashtags

    Age Categories:

    #PB : Picture Book
    #C : Children’s
    #CB : Chapter Book
    #CL : Children’s Lit
    #ER : Early Reader
    #MG : Middle Grade
    #YA : Young Adult
    #NA : New Adult
    #A : Adult


    #AC : Action
    #AD : Adventure
    #CY : Comedy
    #CON : Contemporary
    #CR : Contemporary Romance
    #DV : Diversity
    #F: Fantasy
    #FT: Fairy Tale
    #GN : Graphic Novel
    #HM : Humor
    #HF : Historical Fiction
    #HR : Historical Romance
    #INSPY : Inspirational
    #LF : Literary Fiction
    #M : Mystery
    #MC : Multi-Cultural
    #MY : Military
    #R : Romance
    #RS : Romantic Suspense
    #S : Suspense
    #SF : SciFi
    #SP : Steampunk
    #SPF: Speculative Fiction
    #T: Thriller
    #W : Westerns
    #WF: Womens Fiction