Your Monday Muse-Casting Crowns

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Contributed by Alyssa Roat, Intern There are a lot of voices out there. Politicians and pastors, co-workers and bosses, media and celebrities, friends and family. What are they saying? What about things that speak without a voice? Billboards? Advertisements? Magazine covers? … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Riley Clemmons

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He wants all you have today. Yes, today. Your beauty. Your scars. Your joys. Your sorrows. Your hopes and dreams. Your brokenness. Each circumstance is a new opportunity for you to see the goodness and majesty of your Heavenly Father. … Read More

Your Monday Muse-North Point Inside Out

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Contribution by Megan Burkhart, Intern The Fourth of July has come and gone. Wow, summer is flying by, isn’t it? As you enter back into the grind of the work week or the busyness of summertime activities, remember that freedom is … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Elevation Worship

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Contribution by Alyssa Roat, Intern The sun is shining. The asphalt shimmers. You squint as soon as you walk outside. It’s definitely summer! But even in the bright sunlight of summer, sometimes the world can seem dark. Especially on a … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Danny Gokey

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Happy Monday! The world we live in will offer us temporary highs and drag us through desperate lows. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all are going to mess up. God wants to give us joy eternal, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Stars Go Dim

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It’s a new day, a new week! Turn your frown upside down. Shine that smile for each person you see today! Compliment a friend. Finish a project. Share your lunch. Hold the door open. Write a new story for your … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Tori Harper

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What brings you abundant and lasting JOY? Your family and children? Your friends? Your career and job or school? Your travels and experiences? All those are wonderful and truly can add importance and purpose in our lives here on Earth, but they … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Bright Ones

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SCHOOL is out! SUMMER is just days away! WOOHOO! Congratulations to all the elementary, middle grade, and high school students who finished strong! The school year is over. The days stretch out in front of us to be filled with activities, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Zach Williams

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When you wake up and the news is horrible and negative. When you feel overlooked and unworthy. When you hurt because of someone else’s words. When the diagnosis is overwhelming and you don’t see any positives. When what you believe … Read More

Your Monday Muse-David Dunn

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Summer is coming. The heat index is rising. School is almost out. Doesn’t it make you wish for those good old days? Days playing outside with friends. Running through the sprinklers in the backyard. Road tripping to the beach with … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Carrie Underwood

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He is Risen! The stone was rolled away! This morning, we can continue to celebrate His resurrection! We don’t have to despair or worry, He’s Alive! Rejoice! Jesus paid the debt for us. Sing Praises! Death was defeated! We are saved by … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Hawk Nelson

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1-2-3-4 Count Your Blessings. See the Good. Count Your Blessings. Be the Good. Count Your Blessings. Thank God for something, anything, everything. Love the Good. Change the Bad. Count Your Blessings. It’s Monday! Let’s Jam!

Your Monday Muse-Aaron Cole (ft. TobyMac)

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Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Evening. Whatcha doin’? Worrying about something? Let it go. Working on something? Share it with God! Praying about something? Sing it to the heavens! God’s Got You Today! Right where you are! He’s always Right … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Crowder

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Waking up to another Monday. A new week. A fresh start. So thankful to see the sun shining past the clouds. Thankful for the air I breathe. Thankful for work I love. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Unspoken

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Getting prepped for #FaithPitch this week. I love hosting events…birthday parties, holiday get togethers, family reunions, etc. I prep the location, prepare the activities, cook (or order) the food, invite the guests, and much more. I invest in the moment … Read More

Your Monday Muse: The Greatest Showman

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Happy New Year! I hope all your holidays were blessed and beautiful!  So, during our holiday festivities, one of the things I absolutely wanted to do was go see a movie. Any guesses which one? If you say Star Wars: … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Josh Groban

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We pray that the blessings and joys of this Thanksgiving will fill your home and hearts! “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” -Psalm 118:1 Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel & the Little Lamb Books team

Your Monday Muse-Jordan Feliz

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As we move into the holiday season, it’s easy to run dry, to feel overwhelmed, to want to burrow in our beds and keep the covers over our heads. It’s also easy to get fed up with relatives and friends … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Hillsong United

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How do you see the world around you? In empty glasses and blank pages? In black and white? In pain and judgement? In darkness and death? How do you see the life you’re living? In dreams and full stories? In … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Newsboys

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The pastor speaking from the platform this weekend said something so profound to the congregation on Sunday. “God will do what you can’t, but not what you won’t.” Read it again. “God will do what you can’t, but not what … Read More

Your Monday Muse-VeggieTales

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On any given day, but especially on Mondays, we may feel overwhelmed by our battles, too little to accomplish great things, and beyond powerless to change our course, BUT our GOD is Bigger, Braver, and more Powerful than our outlook, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Kari Jobe

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We woke up to pain and sadness today. But, Jesus. We woke up to tragedy and fear. But, Jesus. We woke up to more questions and less answers. But, Jesus. We can’t understand, can’t begin to fathom the why. But, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Plumb

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Last Friday was the first day of fall, but as often happens, there’s been this feeling of having not only entered a new season on the calendar, but also having entered a different season in life. School schedules, activity commitments, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Harry Connick, Jr.

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Many of us today are feeling intense feelings, both empathetic and sympathetic. Our emotions are running the gauntlet from sadness and devastation to fear and anxiety to anger and impatience. We see the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Rascal Flatts

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Y’all it’s not looking good in Houston, Texas. At. All. And, it makes me feel utterly helpless. Anyone else struggle with wanting to fix it, change it, help with it…find a truck, load it with all the things needed, tow … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Voctave

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In light of the horrible news coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s hard to remember that there is GOOD in this world, but there are…good people, strong relationships, joyful kids, safe schools, inviting churches, beautiful music, respectful discussions, trustworthy leaders, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-ABCmouse

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Oh, First Monday in August, you bring us mixed feelings. You are forcing us to trade in our carefree, memory-making summer days for weeks filled with lesson-learning, alarm clocks, and activities across town. We are both excited and a bit … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Tori Kelly

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Working in the publishing business day to day, I’m often in awe of all that God brings together. The words. The illustrations. The manufacturing. The distribution. Each time we add a piece, try something new, reach out to book stores, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-The Beach Boys

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Hello Friends and Followers! Wooohooo, y’all…the last two weeks have been crazy from dawn to dusk with end of school year activities and traveling to #BookExpo in NYC (which was it’s own exciting adventure!). Sleep was following me around wondering … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Mary Poppins

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This week is a busy week…like, crazy busy as we prepare to travel to BEA, work with our new authors on their manuscripts and platforms, and continue the marketing plans for our debut picture book The Bubble Who Would Not … Read More