Word of the Year 2018

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Usually, when a new year rolls around, I find it invigorating to look at the calendar and begin making plans, to choose a word and scripture for the year, to anticipate the goals we need to set for the next … Read More

New Rules for November #FaithPitch!

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Well, we’re officially less than a month away from our next #FaithPitch event! Save the date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017. 8am-8pm CST. Once you’ve visited with family, filled your tummies with turkey, and shopped until you’ve dropped, I hope you’ll be … Read More


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I am super excited to join Louie, our loyal Little Lamb Books mascot, in announcing two big news stories today! First, when we launched our publishing company in the fall of 2015, we had several goals, among them was to … Read More

Who We Are

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Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m the Publisher and Managing Editor of Little Lamb Books. I also consider myself navigator of our roadmap, captain of our cheerleading squad, and all around lead animal wrangler in our zoo. Sounds fun, right? I … Read More

Happy Birthday to…Us!

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What a difference one year makes! Yes, ONE year ago today, Little Lamb Books officially launched into the publishing industry. 12 months ago, we threw open our doors and invited authors of picture books and middle grade or young adult … Read More

Celebration of Reading

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This past Monday, October 12, I was honored to not only attend the 14th Annual Celebration of Reading hosted by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, but to also have Little Lamb Books sponsor eight (8) teachers for the … Read More

Picture Perfect

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The Little Lamb Books Launch Party was a great endeavor in September, and we are thrilled to share some of the images taken of the event with you! For those who missed it, we are so sorry you couldn’t come. … Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Donate

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Donating to a cause is a personal thing. We choose people, groups, companies and causes to donate to because of our life experiences, our friends’ recommendations, a community’s need, a family member’s request. There are causes for everything from health … Read More

Launch Party Thank You Note

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I just have to start by saying that our Lambie Love Launch Party this past Sunday was an amazing success. It was terrific to see familiar faces and meet new friends and talk books, faith, and kids with everyone! Yesterday, … Read More

Tomorrow’s the Day!

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The Little Lamb Books Launch Party event will be tomorrow, Sunday, September 20 from 3-5 pm at Texas Star. You can still RSVP at www.tinyprints.com/r/lambieloveparty. We will have appetizers, milk & cupcakes, live music, a selfie photo booth, a coloring … Read More

My Party Planner

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It’s Wednesday, and normally I would do a Words of Wisdom or a Wordy Wednesday, but we are 4 DAYS away from our launch party, so forgive me, but that’s what I’m going to write about! So, I love a … Read More

You’re Invited!

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In 10 days, Little Lamb Books will be hosting its inaugural launch party. The September 20th event is being held at a beautiful location. The goody bags have been made. The first Little Lamb Books t-shirts have been ordered. Over … Read More

30 Days until…Our Launch Party!

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“30 days hath September”…or so part of the old calendar saying goes. Today I’m happy to announce what we are counting down to…our Little Lamb Launch Party! WOOOHOOO! We are painting the town purple on Sunday, September 20, 2015 in … Read More

It’s Coming.

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Have you guessed what “IT” is yet? We’ve mentioned a few times in passing that a special event is coming our way. Well, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what that special event is…drum roll please. (cue sound effects) … Read More

It’s Coming.

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Are you ready? Can you guess? We set the date. We chose a time. We visited the place. We are preparing. We are designing. We are selecting. We are writing. We are inviting. We are praying. We are counting down. … Read More

10 Things I Learned At The RT Convention

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To get my feet wet and learn a bit about attending book conventions, I took advantage of the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention being in Dallas in May. Now, I have been to a multitude of conventions…teaching conventions, journalism conventions, and … Read More