Have you heard of Christmastide?

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It’s the Day After Christmas. The gifts have been opened. The food has been eaten (well, except for a few cookies you’ve been holding back for today!). Your guests have started to return home. And, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed … Read More

Music Monday: Christmas Volume 2

RachelChristmas, Music Monday

It’s the week of Christmas! Only 5 more days until the pitter-patter of feet rushing toward stuffed stockings, decorated trees, and warm kitchens (coffee anyone?!). In the background you might also have on the annual holiday parade or Christmas tunes … Read More

Free Gift For You

RachelChristmas, Lambie Love

Get the wallpaper:  1920×1080 Well, here in Texas the weathermen are saying it could reach a balmy 70 degrees by Christmas Day. Nothing anywhere near the realm of a white winter, snow, ice, or blizzard. So, while we dream of … Read More

Music Monday: Christmas Volume 1

RachelChristmas, Music Monday

I love Christmas music. Plain and simple. I could listen to it all year because there are so many different versions, artist renditions, and new songs to hear. I actually get frustrated with my local radio stations at this time … Read More

The Message in the Candy Cane


We love eating candy canes in our office and home, and love this little poem about origins of the candy cane because of it’s beautiful, inspirational message. We also really love how it references our Lord as our Shepherd. What … Read More