Your Monday Muse-VeggieTales

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On any given day, but especially on Mondays, we may feel overwhelmed by our battles, too little to accomplish great things, and beyond powerless to change our course, BUT our GOD is Bigger, Braver, and more Powerful than our outlook, … Read More

October is Pink

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Have you ever taken one of those personality tests, like Myers-Briggs (hello INFJs), or one you find on social media, like What is your True Personality Color? (blue-every time)? Every single time I’ve taken one, it confirms two things I’ve … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Plumb

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Last Friday was the first day of fall, but as often happens, there’s been this feeling of having not only entered a new season on the calendar, but also having entered a different season in life. School schedules, activity commitments, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Voctave

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In light of the horrible news coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s hard to remember that there is GOOD in this world, but there are…good people, strong relationships, joyful kids, safe schools, inviting churches, beautiful music, respectful discussions, trustworthy leaders, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-ABCmouse

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Oh, First Monday in August, you bring us mixed feelings. You are forcing us to trade in our carefree, memory-making summer days for weeks filled with lesson-learning, alarm clocks, and activities across town. We are both excited and a bit … Read More

Teaching Children To Be Prayer Warriors

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One night last week, my daughter was struggling. She was having trouble falling asleep because she said she was thinking scary things. Now, I personally am a very vivid dreamer. I have had to be careful about what I watch, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Tori Kelly

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Working in the publishing business day to day, I’m often in awe of all that God brings together. The words. The illustrations. The manufacturing. The distribution. Each time we add a piece, try something new, reach out to book stores, … Read More

A #FaithPitch Success Story

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We are gearing up for a fresh round of #FaithPitch in three (3) weeks! Recently, we heard from a few participants about some exciting successes due to #FaithPitch. Agents signed writers after reading their submissions. Writers found their publishers after … Read More

Your Monday Muse-The Beach Boys

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Hello Friends and Followers! Wooohooo, y’all…the last two weeks have been crazy from dawn to dusk with end of school year activities and traveling to #BookExpo in NYC (which was it’s own exciting adventure!). Sleep was following me around wondering … Read More


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I am super excited to join Louie, our loyal Little Lamb Books mascot, in announcing two big news stories today! First, when we launched our publishing company in the fall of 2015, we had several goals, among them was to … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me

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I woke up with a cloud over my head yesterday. My feelings were skewed in a negative direction, and I was struggling to see light in my tunnel. There were many “What If” questions weighing me down. Have you ever … Read More

Your Monday Muse-We Are Messengers

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Good Morning Lambies! PubU in Portland this past weekend was brilliant! Loved it! Absorbed so much good information and knowledge. But, today, oh goodness y’all, I am sooooo tired! What about you this Monday? Are you weary, tired, exhausted? Are … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me

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I’m entering the busy season of publishing and travel. If you want to follow along, be sure to join me on Instagram at @little_lamb_books. I’m heading to Portland this week and NYC in May, and I can’t wait to share … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Blanca

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It’s the First Day of SPRING! To be technical, the Spring Equinox of 2017 began today at 5:28am in the Northern Hemisphere. Either way, this makes me want to shout WAHOO! It’s not because spring is my favorite season, but … Read More

February 2017 Reading List

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Well, February blew in and blew out in a matter of 28 days, and I was only able to meet half my reading goal for the month. As I mentioned in my first reading post here, I’m challenging myself to … Read More

Your Monday Muse-TobyMac

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It’s the last Monday in February. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Today, I woke up to overcast and rainy skies with a chill in the air. It doesn’t make for a very cheerful start to the week. But, no matter … Read More