12 Quotes About Books For Readers

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Happy World Book Day 2018! There are so many things we love about books…the fun stories, the lovable characters, the shared joy, especially in children’s books. Whether you pick up a picture book, a chapter book, a comic book, or a … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Carrie Underwood

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He is Risen! The stone was rolled away! This morning, we can continue to celebrate His resurrection! We don’t have to despair or worry, He’s Alive! Rejoice! Jesus paid the debt for us. Sing Praises! Death was defeated! We are saved by … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Hawk Nelson

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1-2-3-4 Count Your Blessings. See the Good. Count Your Blessings. Be the Good. Count Your Blessings. Thank God for something, anything, everything. Love the Good. Change the Bad. Count Your Blessings. It’s Monday! Let’s Jam!

Your Monday Muse-Aaron Cole (ft. TobyMac)

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Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Evening. Whatcha doin’? Worrying about something? Let it go. Working on something? Share it with God! Praying about something? Sing it to the heavens! God’s Got You Today! Right where you are! He’s always Right … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Crowder

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Waking up to another Monday. A new week. A fresh start. So thankful to see the sun shining past the clouds. Thankful for the air I breathe. Thankful for work I love. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Unspoken

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Getting prepped for #FaithPitch this week. I love hosting events…birthday parties, holiday get togethers, family reunions, etc. I prep the location, prepare the activities, cook (or order) the food, invite the guests, and much more. I invest in the moment … Read More

The Name Above All Names

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It’s only Day 52 out of the 365 days that make up 2018, and so far I don’t think it’s truly gone as anyone hoped or planned. The winter flu season has claimed the lives of young and old alike. … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Moriah Peters

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Happy 1st Monday of February 2018! You ready? Brave? Confident? No? Feeling afraid, nervous, lonely? Don’t Fear! God is Near! He’s never left your side, and He’s not going to start now! He’s got you…right now, right here. You are … Read More

February 2018 #FaithPitch!

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Happy New Year! It’s not too late to say that, right?! To kick off 2018, we’re officially getting ready to host our first of three #FaithPitch events of the year!  Wednesday, February 28 from 8am to 8pm, you will have the opportunity … Read More

In Our Notes…Illustrator Janet Samuel

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Illustrations expand our world as a story evolves through the author’s words, and we love the illustrators who bring our titles to life. Whether through watercolors, pencil sketches, or digital renderings, we work with some of the most talented artists … Read More

Word of the Year 2018

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Usually, when a new year rolls around, I find it invigorating to look at the calendar and begin making plans, to choose a word and scripture for the year, to anticipate the goals we need to set for the next … Read More

Your Monday Muse: The Greatest Showman

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Happy New Year! I hope all your holidays were blessed and beautiful!  So, during our holiday festivities, one of the things I absolutely wanted to do was go see a movie. Any guesses which one? If you say Star Wars: … Read More

A Merry Happy Christmas Birthday!

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Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday! Or Merry Birthday? Happy Christmas? Most people aren’t sure what to say when they find out that I have a Christmas Birthday. Usually this occurs when I’m at the doctor’s office, the local DMV, or any … Read More

What Christmas Means To Me

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Guest blogger Amberly Kristen Clowe, author of Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash (pre-order now) For me, Christmas is that special time of year when we can all be completely silly in ugly sweaters, reindeer hats, and fluffy, warm socks. … Read More

A Christmas Celebration

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Guest blogger Jean Matthew Hall, author of Seasons series (coming 2019) I’m baking. The wonderful aromas of spices & chocolates fill my house. My kitchen is a big mess with flour & sugar everywhere. Chocolate chips & sprinkles decorate my island. … Read More

The Spirit of Christmas

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Guest Post from Janet L. Christensen, author of The Littlest Star (coming Christmas 2018) Every year at this time, I remember one particular Christmas, and an amazing experience that renewed our hope and strengthened our hearts during a challenging season … Read More

Making Christmas Memorable

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Guest Post from Jason C. Joyner, author of Launch (coming July 2018) My family had an interesting dynamic. My sister and brother were fifteen and twelve years older than me. By the time I remember things, they were adults. We … Read More

A Christmas Miracle

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Guest Post from Shelly Roark, author of The Bubble Who Would Not POP! “Christmas is Pish-Posh!” Thus says the grumpy leading character in The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. Gathering round Susan Wojciechowski’s touching Christmas classic is one of my … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Josh Groban

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We pray that the blessings and joys of this Thanksgiving will fill your home and hearts! “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” -Psalm 118:1 Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel & the Little Lamb Books team

Faith Gives Us Hope

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Do you have a life scripture? A favorite scripture? One that you feel drawn to no matter what else is happening in your life? I do. While there are many passages in my Bible that I relate to and love, … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Jordan Feliz

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As we move into the holiday season, it’s easy to run dry, to feel overwhelmed, to want to burrow in our beds and keep the covers over our heads. It’s also easy to get fed up with relatives and friends … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Hillsong United

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How do you see the world around you? In empty glasses and blank pages? In black and white? In pain and judgement? In darkness and death? How do you see the life you’re living? In dreams and full stories? In … Read More

New Rules for November #FaithPitch!

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Well, we’re officially less than a month away from our next #FaithPitch event! Save the date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017. 8am-8pm CST. Once you’ve visited with family, filled your tummies with turkey, and shopped until you’ve dropped, I hope you’ll be … Read More

Your Monday Muse-Newsboys

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The pastor speaking from the platform this weekend said something so profound to the congregation on Sunday. “God will do what you can’t, but not what you won’t.” Read it again. “God will do what you can’t, but not what … Read More

Your Monday Muse-VeggieTales

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On any given day, but especially on Mondays, we may feel overwhelmed by our battles, too little to accomplish great things, and beyond powerless to change our course, BUT our GOD is Bigger, Braver, and more Powerful than our outlook, … Read More

October is Pink

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Have you ever taken one of those personality tests, like Myers-Briggs (hello INFJs), or one you find on social media, like What is your True Personality Color? (blue-every time)? Every single time I’ve taken one, it confirms two things I’ve … Read More