Welcome Our New Author-Jenni DeWitt!

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Today I’m delighted to announce that we are welcoming a new young adult author to our fabulous Little Lamb Books family!

(Drum roll please)

Will you join me in saying a big HELLO to…Jenni DeWitt!

After our many calls and emails, I feel like I’ve known Jenni for a while now, and the fact that she lives in Nebraska near one of my best-in-life friends, makes our connection even sweeter.

Over the years Jenni has worked as a data entry specialist, a school secretary, a daycare provider and a medical transcriptionist, but the calling on her life is to be a writer. And, after winning her first writing contest in fifth grade, Jenni was hooked. She writes now as a freelancer for local and regional newspapers as well as the writer of a blog, Genuflected, and also is a part-time grant writer and public relations assistant at a small, local hospital.

Her personal story is inspiring and includes her family’s journey through her youngest son’s battle with cancer, a catalyst for two powerful, self-published, non-fiction titles, Forty Days: A Memoir of Our Time in the Desert of Childhood Cancer and Why Won’t God Talk to Me? Surprising Ways He Already Is.

I asked Jenni some questions for the blog today, so you can get to know her a little bit and learn how to follow her as we prepare her debut young adult novel for release in late 2018.

Where do you call home? Albion, Nebraska

Where is your favorite place to write? I like to write on my front porch with my dog at my feet and my cat snoozing nearby…or on my lap making it nearly impossible to type on my laptop.

Who makes up your immediate family? I’m married to Justin and have two boys. My oldest is Tony,10, and my youngest is Cooper, 7. I’m close to my parents who are still married and live less than two hours away. Plus, as mentioned, we have one dog, a Keeshond named Maya, and we have a tabby cat named Bella, but most of the time we just call her Kitty.

What are some of your favorite children’s books? A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and The Will Wilder Series by Raymond Arroyo

How did you come up with the idea for your main character? I suppose, when I created Tess, I pulled together my favorite characteristics from several people I’ve met throughout my life. But, the truth is, she has such a strong personality that a lot of times it feels like I didn’t create her, I just met her and told her story.

What do you think would be the main theme of your YA novel? There’s a spiritual aspect to our Christian faith and a very real spiritual realm all around us we can’t often perceive. In that realm, there’s a huge battle being waged that directly impacts our lives in ways we don’t even realize or can’t understand. But, we can take part in the battle through prayer.

We are very honored to have Jenni as our debut young adult novelist, and I can’t wait for everyone to read her fantastic, biblically-based, fantasy novel. We have much in store for our YA readers as we get closer to her release date, so don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter! In the mean time, you are invited to get to know more about Jenni and her writing journey by visiting her website and following her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Tentatively titled, Light A Candle, Jenni’s YA novel will be available late Fall 2018!

Lambie Love,